Landmark Thyroid (TSH) Test


Thyroid (TSH) Test

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  • Convenient – Self-collected at home with single finger nick
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Measures a substance called Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)

Complete instructions are enclosed, and sample collection is extremely easy and virtually painless. A single finger nick using an enclosed lancet is all it takes. Simply deposit a few drops of blood on the collection card and wait 15 minutes for it to dry, place the card in the enclosed postage paid envelope along with your completed Test Request Form, and drop in the nearest US mialbox.


After your sample is analyzed at our laboratory, you will receive an easy-to-read report by return mail that will provide you with important information you and your physician can use to determine your overall thyroid health. Most people find that their results are within normal ranges, but if a serious irregularity is discovered, early detection greatly increases your chances for successful treatment.

The TSH Test is used to evaluate thyroid function and to aid in discovery of either an overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) or an underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). The test is frequently conducted in advance of physician ordered T3 and T4 testing when thyroid abnormalities are discovered. TSH testing is also used at regular intervals to monitor the effectiveness of treatment for a thyroid disorder.

A few of the common symptoms of an Underactive Thyroid are:

● Weight Gain
● Fatigue
● Dry Skin
● Cold Intolerance
● Hair Loss
● Forgetfulness

A few of the common symptoms of an Overactive Thyroid are:

● Weight Loss
● Nervousness
● Fatigue
● Heat Intolerance
● Muscle Weakness
● Insomnia
● Heart Palpitations

Biological Risk Factors for thyroid disease include:

● Known Thyroid Disorder
● Goiter
● Diabetes
● Anemia
● Premature Gray Hair

Family History Risk Factors include:

● Diabetes
● Pernicious Anemia
● Thyroid Disease
● Primary Adrenal Insufficiency

This TSH Thyroid Screening Test provides the same clinical results that can be obtained from a local medical laboratory without the high expense and inconvenience of physician appointments, laboratory fees, and often painful and unnecessary procedure of direct venous or arterial blood draws. The test is performed at home, takes less than 10 minutes and results are obtained in approximately the same time as those routinely ordered through a physician.

Professional’s Note:

Collection materials come standard packaged in individual kits but may be bulk-packed for your convenience.

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